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Tuesday, April 15, 2008

You Are Beautiful!

We're at the halfway point of Autism Awareness Month and Caleb gives you all a Thumbs Up! We have raised over $400 so far. I'm so grateful to all of you that have taken the time to make a donation in honor of my son for Autism Speaks. This month has been so full of blessings for our family. We've been able to see some major improvements in Caleb's behavior and he is really starting to take off with reading and writing. He's got some great skills that will serve him well in our neurotypical world. A lot of kids on the spectrum might never have that chance. There are so many ways that autism can present itself---it is a spectrum disorder so there are many varying degrees. Early intervention is key in helping our kids (and parents) learn how they tick (or try to, at least). Autism Speaks does a wonderful job in getting the word out, funding research, and lobbying for better medical coverage. Did you know that in most states little to no therapies are funded by insurance? Did you know that there are more kids with autism than those with cancer and diabetes combined? There is really so much to be done and all of you have been helping. That means so much to me! Thank you!

You have until I wake up in the morning on April 16th to get your donations in to qualify for the raffle including the bag and the yarn. I've got another great prize that will be raffled off as well. All previous donations will count as will all donations starting today. Each $2 donation will get you one entry into the drawing. Here is what you will get if you are picked...
1. Pineapple Daquiri Cooling Foot Creme
2. Ozone Therapy Hydrating Spray
3. Vanilla Latte Body Mousse Foaming Cleanser (2)
4. Ambrosia Fragranced Body Mist
5. Moroccan Mist Room & Linen Spray
6. Green Appletini Shower Gel
7. Orange Cream Moisturizing Body Souffle
8. Lemon Meringue Bath Sugar Crystals
9. Strawberry Daquiri Sugar Bath

These items were graciously donated by Pamela Webb for BeautiControl. I met her last year at the Autism Family Network vendor fair and had an awesome spa party (facials and foot rubs!) with her.

You can click on this button or the one on my sidebar to donate and be entered into the drawing.

Pamela also gave me some extra products to giveaway so I thought I'd give away a Green Appletini Shower Gel right now! To be eligible for the giveaways all you have to do is comment on any post (the more comments the more entries), blog about autism, or donate.

AUDRA!!! Audra was really meant to win this one, I guess. I always choose 2 numbers with the random number generator in case the first one has already won a giveaway this month (you're still eligible to win the raffle--that's separate). Both numbers had Audra's name!

Let's see how quickly we can pass that $500 mark! I'll keep you all posted.


  1. Beauticontrol is now selling some stuff that I wish they would have sold back when I sold Beauticontrol. Fun stuff. Life was too busy to keep it up though.

  2. sweet! Can't wait to try it!

  3. Good luck! I hope you make it!

  4. Janet2:08 PM

    How nice of Pamela. (It was a cool spa party.) I love that picture of Caleb.

  5. I'm really impressed at how much you've been able to do.

  6. Wow. I'm impressed that you've raised so much and it's only the halfway point.

    Yay for Caleb's progress too.

  7. Beauty products are awesome...but I so want that bag to sport on my many trips to Riley hospital with Samuel. And for my venture out west of course... :) We pick up our pop up this weekend and should head your way approx June 12 or so... Sam's birthday is the 15th.