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Wednesday, April 30, 2008

What a Month!

Wow. April is almost over and I'm ready to wrap up Autism Awareness month here on the blog. I've been extremely overwhelmed at the generosity of my family, friends, and blog readers (which most happen to fall in the first two categories). I know I shouldn't be surprised, though. I surround myself with the best people!

I want to give you some stats before I announce the final raffle winner.

46 individuals donated
8 people blogged about autism and referred people for donations in that way (some more than once!)
15 people attended the Open House where we raised some more money
6 people donated raffle prizes and/or giveaways to help with the cause
Our total as of this morning (I'm still waiting for a few donations from Carl's work) is:


Look what we accomplished? I'm sure by the time the walk rolls around (May 24th) I will have reached the $1000 mark. I'm going to leave the donation button up in the sidebar until that time and I will also be having a few days where I will have my etsy sales count towards the fundraiser. I will let you know about that, of course. But, for all intents and purposes, the month long begging for money has ended. Fundraising is never an easy task but I can tell you, that when you're passionate about the cause it becomes a whole lot easier.

The raffle winner for the Stampin' Up products is....

Megan in NM!

I also drew for one last giveaway, too. The winner is... Jill M. She will be getting an awesome green appletini shower gel.



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