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Thursday, April 17, 2008

To Infinity and Beyond!

We've reached my personal goal of $500. In fact, we blew by it and it is only the 17th!

We are at $572.





Dare I say we can reach $1000? I think we might.

In honor of passing the goal I am giving away a rag quilt made by Gigi. She made one for Eva when she was born and we LOVE it! She said she will use fun fabric but you'll need to be a little patient because she won't be able to make it and send it off for at least a month. Even though she has enough to deal with in her own life right now, she wanted to be able to help me out this month with the giveaways and fundraiser. Thanks, Gigi!

And the winner is....TIFFANY! Congrats, Tiffany! I'm sending your address along to Gigi and she'll send it to you when it is ready.

Because I'm feeling super good today about what we've accomplished, I've got another thing to giveaway. Some Pineapple Daquiri Cooling Foot Creme goes to LAUREN! Congrats, Lauren. I'll get it to you this Saturday!

There is still time to enter the raffle for the Beauticontrol products.


  1. Lauren1:22 PM

    Thanks Christy! And I was just thinking that my feet could use some pineapple cooling... how did you know?

    You're just a fundraisin' fool!

  2. Oh wow, that's incredible! You're a fundraising machine. Move over Jenny McCarthy.

  3. Congrats on surpassing your goal! Amazing indeed.

  4. Congratulations Christy! That's awesome

  5. Congratulations! Here's to reaching $1,000... :)

  6. Wow! This is the first time I've ever won anything from a blog and it seems I enter things a lot. I'm so happy even if I'm behind on my blog reading (it has been a week!). Maybe I won't fret so much about all that needs to get done and only being one person with only so much time and energy.