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Thursday, April 03, 2008


It is time for our first giveaway. I'm hoping this will get things jump-started. Last year we started off slowly and ended up raising $300! This year I upped my goal to $500. Let's get started! There are two ways to donate---click on the donate button on my sidebar or go to my team website to donate there. I know I have about 100 regular readers a day. I'm starting to feel a little bit like a PBS pledge drive---but if you donate just $5 it is like you are reading my blog for just pennies a day! ;)

This giveaway will run until Friday night (midnight Central time). Donate, comment, etc... and the winner will be sent some of these really cute felt flower ponytail holders. I made these last night and Eva wore them all day today. Don't worry--I'm making new ones for the giveaway. I will send two pair to the person selected from the random number generator. If you don't win, I am going to start stocking these in my etsy shop and I'll have them at my April 25th Open House. Eva got lots of compliments today and she loved having "pretty flowers" in her hair.

ETA: Don't forget that the comments rollover for each subsequent giveaway. The more you comment, donate, etc... the more you have a chance to win something great. I've got some really cool stuff lined up, too (a felted sweater bag from Julie, Beauticontrol products from my friend Pam, and a baby rag quilt from Gigi--to name just a few).

CLICK HERE for information on how to donate to Caleb's Team and how to be entered into the


  1. Janet6:51 PM

    Those are cute ponytail holders. The model is adorable too!

  2. ooh, cute! Maybe I'll get lucky and win.

    Or maybe I'll get lucky and Eva will come to play and will take them out of her hair and accidently leave them here. . .

    I'm just sayin'.

  3. Those are adorable! I don't think my boys would like them so make sure I don't win these ones, but I just had to say that I love them.

  4. Those are very cute. I've been making hair bow for Mckenzie lately. It's very addicting:)

  5. Adorable Claire would oh so love them and look just as adorable of course :)

  6. Those would look so cute in my boys' less than 1" long hair! :-)

  7. Those are so adorable, I wish I was good at stuff like that. My girls would love it :)