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Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Talk About Tuesday

I've got another post about Autism Awareness this Tuesday. Take a moment to scroll down to find out about the giveaway sponsored by Deb. Make sure you I posted this video last year---the music is the same but the images are different. They don't allow me to embed so please follow the link.

I always have mixed emotions when I view videos, read books, meet other parents, etc... I'm sad that we don't always know how to best help our kids and then I'm happy that Caleb has made so much progress. Needless to say, I don't always have dry eyes whenever I think about it.

Last night Carl and I were talking about how much spontaneous conversation Caleb is able to come up with now (like the previous post). Last year at this time Caleb wasn't able to answer a question like, "What can you do at a park?". He was always good at labeling items but not talking about them in a general sense. He can now answer that question (and many more) and even elaborate a bit. He has also started asking his own questions. He doesn't have the exact words yet but we understand. The other day I said, "We don't eat boogers" (don't ask) and he said, "What would that happen?". He asks us that all the time now. The other day he said, "We don't eat rocks. That would break our teeth.". This is HUGE! The fact that he is gaining some intraverbal skills is not lost on me. I'm so proud of him. Another thing is that he is starting to say "Sorry". He is kind of like a bull in a china shop and doesn't have a real awareness about his body and surroundings. He is constantly knocking into things and hurting us unintentionally (and sometimes intentionally). In the past few days, he has started to say "Sorry" when things like that happen. Saying sorry before this week has been something we've made him do. He'd never said it in the correct context and we've never felt like he meant it before. Progress is being made. Real progress. I'm so proud of him.

I hope that you will all take the opportunity to donate whatever you can to Caleb's Team for the Walk For Autism. You can use the link, or there is a button in my sidebar that you can use as well.

Don't forget that donations, comments, and spreading the word get you entries into the giveaways. In fact, let's do a giveaway now! Deb has offered up your choice of these awesome card sets.

You have until 4/9/08 at midnight to comment/donate/blog. I'll draw a winner and post it here on Thursday morning. I'll have another giveaway as soon as the donations reach $150 (I have $75 so far). Spread the word!

Find out the details here.


  1. It is amazing how much Caleb has changed in just the past few months. He is AWESOME!

  2. Awwwwww. I'm proud of him too. I love hearing about Caleb.

  3. It's wonderful to hear about his progress. These little steps are huge!

  4. I'm amazed how much he has changed too, it's been fun to see him and watch his development, even if it's just in little bits on Sunday.

    Remember when he was in nursery, whenever he would see me he would just say "snowman!" I loved that, but I love that he says "Hi, Wendy!", and says hello to all my kids too now!

  5. Progress is a great thing for a parent to experience. It is sometimes that other parents take for granted. With Samuel and his delays I am ahppy when he does simple things... He is now almost ten months and finally has better head control and is even showing some signs of crawling the legs are working but the arms are not cooperating. Great job Caleb and may you continue to grow and make Mom and Dad proud. How lucky you were to become part of their family.

  6. Lovely cards. What a great idea to raise money.

  7. You should be so proud! I am an SLP and have worked with many children with Autism and I LOVE it! Keep up the good work being a super supportive mom. It will pay off in the end! I also wanted to let ya know that I attempted to make a donation - a bit less than $20. and it seems that only $20. and more is accepted.

  8. Shannon--Thanks for the comment. I haven't tried to make a donation smaller than $20 through the walk page but I know for sure you can donate any amount through the donate button on my sidebar (it goes to my Paypal acct for Caleb's team and then I'll make a big check for Autism Speaks at the end of the month).

  9. I've been excited about your fundraising month for Autism. Keep up the great work! Caleb has grown up so much, the best is yet to come I bet!

  10. That's awesome progress! My dad for some unknown reason got a job teaching (long term substitute for maternity leave) and this is his first exposure to kids since I grew up. He's 60. He was complaining about "this kid" in his class. Finally I said "The more you talk about him, the more he sounds autistic." He blew me off and kept ranting. I said it again. "There are lots of kinds of autism, you know." That stopped him. He'd never thought about it before. Yay! Score one for education!