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Tuesday, April 22, 2008

What's in Your Wallet?

Today's Talk About Tuesday is about what is in your purse. I'm trying not to be shamed by the amazing organized purse described by The Lazy Organizer. Actually, my purse isn't in too bad of shape. Changing purses regularly really helps me keep it clean (er). It works for me. Here is my bag for today.

Contents: wallet
coupon organizer
sunglasses (in case)
broken glasses (in case)
a paper telling me what new frames to buy at Lenscrafters
fairy toy
hair bows/bands
free magazine from grocery store
assorted pens
one used tissue
Caleb's "power card" (it says stuff like I'm a great kid and I won't beat up my family)
some papers from church

When I put everything back in my purse, this is how it looks. I try to keep room in there to add a small organizing bag with my knitting. I also have to add a diaper or two depending on who I have with me and where we are going. Like I said, it works for me. I keep my keys in a pocket by the door and my cellphone is usually with me. When I'm out and about I keep those two items in my pockets. They only go in my purse if I don't have any pockets (rare). Then I usually forget they are in there and freak out. Aaaah. Good times.

Don't forget that the raffle is still going on. Over $100 worth of Beauticontrol products is up for grabs. And, just because I can...I'll be adding another great raffle prize into the mix (like a $50 Stampin' Up gift certificate, some Stampin' Pastels, a Stampin' Scrub, and some other goodies!). I should be posting about that later today or tomorrow.


  1. Anonymous9:06 AM

    You have quite the variety of stuff. ;)

    My purse is pretty simple, you can tell I'm not a mom!

  2. Changing purses often is a great strategy. I wish mine were big enought hold my knitting.

  3. looking good! I'm surprised how good everyone is about their bag! I'm a self proclaimed purse slob!

  4. Anonymous10:15 AM

    I've thought about graduating to a bigger bag so I could take projects with me. But then I realized, I never go anywhere I could actually work on them anyway. I like your bag though.

  5. My purse has my planner, zoo membership card (expires in a week or two) diapers, wipes,and a lipstick. My big purse problem is the receipts. I have a million of them. I have to remember to go through them/clean them out soon.

  6. I must donate again -- I just can't help myself! The prizes for your drawings are just too good (and I love my nephew and all those Autistic kids out there).

  7. Anonymous5:24 PM

    A little bit of everything it looks like!

  8. I'm exactly the same with the keys. Always in my pockets unless I have none, and then it's freak out time trying to find them. Glad I'm not alone.