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Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Live Idol Blogging

Here is a reminder of how I thought the night should go:

Brooke--Hello Again
David Archuleta--September Morn
Syesha--Brother Love's Traveling Salvation Show
David Cook--Love on the Rocks (a rocked out version) or America

Here are the songs that I thought they would choose for themselves:

Brooke--Hello Again
David Archuleta--I Am, I Said
Syesha-- You Don't Bring Me Flowers
David Cook--Girl, You'll be a Woman Soon
Jason--Red, Red Wine

I think some of them should have gone with my recommendations. The first round is over and I wasn't too impressed. The second round is halfway through. My comments are in with the songs.
Here are the songs they chose:

Brooke--I'm a Believer (I don't think anyone should have picked this song but I think she did it as well as anyone else could have), I Am, I Said (LOVED IT!)
David Archuleta--Sweet Caroline (he should have done September Morn, seriously!), America (no, no, not right for him--the judges are crazy)
Syesha-- Hello Again (should have been Brooke at the piano singing this), Thank the Lord for the Nighttime (okay, I guess)
David Cook--I'm Alive (should have rocked out a more well known song), All I Really Need is You (not bad, but I didn't like it as much as the judges)---the more I think about his song choices, the more I realize that he sang these for his brother (AC--did you notice his jacket and his guitar?) that is dying.
Jason--Forever in Blue Jeans (so bad!), September Morn (even worse! David A. totally should have done this song!)

Long live Neil!!!


  1. How funny, I was commenting on your idol blog from earier while I was watching it. I think it's Syesia or Jason that's out.

  2. Hey Christy, do you take checks?