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Thursday, March 16, 2006

Super Secret Knitting Revealed

My super secret knitting projects weren't all too exciting but they couldn't be revealed because the parents of the recipients read this blog. This week Big Apple's friends, Mckenzie and Whitney, turned one. For their birthdays I made them some really cute hats.

Now I'm working on a pattern for a belt and a purse to match. It's what every toddler needs: accessories!


  1. You are very talented! I love the hat. It looks so cute on Mckenzie......until she pulls it off. Thanks Christy, you da bomb!

  2. The hats are so cute! I was planning on getting a quick picture of Whitney and hers for my blog but it just hasn't happened yet. . .you know how that goes. . . I can hardly wait to see the belt and purses! What a little crew we'll have. . .