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Thursday, March 09, 2006

House News

We close on our house April 12. The current owners are going to pay us 2 day's rent so they can move out (they need it to close before they can close on their new house...and move in there). We will be moving April 15th. I thought we would have a leisurely move. It really is just a few blocks away. But, we're going to try and do it all in one day (at least the most important stuff). I guess if we leave our Christmas decorations and all the baby clothes in this house for a while, that would be okay. I'm starting to get equally stressed and excited about the prospect of having our own house. I want to hang pictures on the wall (something SD has not allowed me to do for most of our marriage...unless there was already a hole or nail), bake in my double oven, cook on my gas range (oh, I've missed having a gas stove!), play in our backyard, and do laundry on the top floor and not the basement. I'm stressed about our tax refund getting here in time (thank goodness for the adoption tax credit...thank you Pres. Bush). It should, but I'm still stressed about it. I better not get shingles this month (the last time I got shingles was last year when we were here in Lincoln trying to find a place to live). I'm also worried about how Frog will handle the move. This is one good thing about our not getting the house in the country...his early intervention program won't have to change.

In other news, I have a consumer report for you. My new favorite lip balm. The pack I got has an extra one, too, Nourishing.
Do I really believe in the power of the aromas? Not really. But these scents are a little more grown up than the normal blue raspberry/watermelon/fruit punch variety. lips feel so relaxed at the moment,


  1. Congrats on the closing... Its not to far off! How exciting! We've been in this house for almost 2 years and I still don't have more than 3 pictures on the wall. I'm either a. Lazy b. lazy, or c.... you get the point. hehe take care!

  2. Is it better then Bert's Bees?? I really like that stuff, but if there is something better out there I'm all for it!

  3. I don't think it's better than Burt's Bees for actual soothing of chapped lips. But, the scents are great!

  4. Congrats on the house.... SO EXCITING!!!

    I love Blistex. I use their Silk & Shine for everday use and their Lip Infusion for 'hot date' nights because it makes my lips look ultra kissable. My husband makes fun of me for having so many different types of lip gloss, but a girls gotta, don't we??

  5. Janet2:43 PM

    I can understand your eagerness to be in your OWN house. And I love gas stoves too. How can anyone like electric stoves?