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Thursday, March 23, 2006

Sooner Socks

I made some socks for Big Apple. They are OU Sooner crimson so I've named them the Sooner Socks. It was my first attempt at making up a sock pattern. Next time I'd do a different toe, but other than that...I like them!

Other items of business:

Frog's therapy kicks into high gear next week. I'm looking forward to it. I've already learned not to mess with his lines. Check out his made-for-the-camera smile and line of pretzels. The hard part is keeping Big Apple from eating them. I have to make her own pile far, far away.

Next, tomorrow I am going away for a spinning retreat. I don't know how to spin. But, I have a drop spindle and some fiber. It's a little more than just spinning...we're going to learn needle felting and some beading, too. Plus, there will be plenty of kid-free time to knit, learn to spin, and relax! I'm just staying overnight and will be back late Saturday but I'm really looking forward to it. I only have to take one change of clothes but I'm sure I'll be taking 1 really big suitcase full of yarn! I need to wind some yarn before I go so I can finish Mom's 2nd annual birthday socks.

I've been practicing the short row toe so I can start doing toe-up socks. I didn't do a very good job picking up the stitches from the provisional cast-on. I used the tutorial and everything. Maybe I just need more practice. I haven't had much luck with the figure eight cast on either. I'll work on it this weekend in my kid-free environment. That should help. I'm always a little nervous tinking around with 4 pointy needles when little ones keep wanting to jump on me.

Are you going to watch the American Inventor on ABC? We're hooked. Although, what's up with those edible snow globes? Why? Why? Why? And....why did she make it to the next round?

I may or may not post tomorrow before I go on the retreat. But, be ready for a full report w/ pictures when I get back. Eric, I know you'll be holding your breath!


  1. Have fun on your retreat and hopefully you will have plenty of time to relax.

    Love the sooner socks! You are so talented!

    We need to hang out sometime... I'm really missing you guys! Maybe I need to have a little party at my house or something. Would you be down? We could have a stamp-a-thon.

  2. Deb, I'm just inviting myself to the party!! Let's play! And Christy I just watched the movie last night so maybe Frogs new song could be "I walk the line."? good flick. I hope your day away was fun!

  3. Ah yes, the lines. My nephew with Aspergers has been a champion line-maker for most of his life, and nothing ruined his day faster than his younger sibling messing with his lines. I think he'll be an excellent engineer some day, as that kid could make perfectly straight lines before he was two years old.

    I always knit socks when I'm on planes and the people around me sometimes look worried about the four pointy sticks aspect of the process. I'm sure they're hoping for a turbulence-free flight. I used to use five pointy sticks, but I have converted to making socks with just 4 dpns. Easier that way.

  4. Of course you will be invited Wendy! I loved I walk the line! And yes, it would be well suited for Frog.

  5. He loves watching American Idol! Anything with music is a hit around here.

    Deb-let's party!

  6. Cute little red socks! Your little boy is just the most adorable little guy! Love his smile!

    I watched part of that invention show last night. It should have been named "Inventions by Morons". LOL I did like that one lady's idea about the thing that keeps the bathroom stall shut, and I did like the cute little doll that spoke in three languages. The lady flashing her hoo ha's I could have done without! LOL