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Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Baby Socks

I made some little baby socks from some leftover Regia that I had from my mom's birthday socks from last year. These are my first March socks. I'm almost done with another pair that will give me my first brownie point over at the Sock A Month KAL. Do you like them, Deb?

Also included in this picture is some artwork by the Frog. It's just pencil. The heat spots are SD's fault.

I'm about to try and get some Wiggles tickets now. They are coming to the Mid America Center in Council Bluffs on May 9th and the tickets go on pre-sale this morning at 10am. SD and I want to see them really badly. I guess the kids will have fun, too! :) So, if you're wondering what to buy me for my birthday (April 11th!!!), that's it...contribute to my Wiggle fund.

EDITED TO ADD: Wiggle tickets have been purchased. I can't wait!


  1. Hey wait! Now that I'm stuck in Primary I know NOTHING!! Is Deb prego?? Tell me! Tell me!!!!

  2. I'm oozing with jealousy. I want to see the Wiggles. At Mother's Day Out they think N only has Wiggles shirts. He just goes the two days after laundry day.

    I tried to send a comment yesterday and it was eatin' by the blog-monster. I didn't have the patience to retype it. Sorry!

  3. We have seen the Wiggles TWICE and we loved it both times. One time we even got up close enough to have Murray take Lauren's flower!! Be sure to bring Roses for Dorothy (they collect them from the audience) and a bone for Wags! Even BA will have a great time.


  4. Socks are lookin good! I bet the baby size went super fast! Going to the wiggles sounds like fun, good luck!

  5. Dude, I hear ya Wendy. All I know is what the kids tell me.

  6. No, no, no, I'm not preganant.... I just really want some baby socks so that some day, my cute little baby can wear them. I will let y'all know when it happens.

    Christy- Those are the cutest dang socks I have ever seen!!!! My future baby (born circa 2020) thanks you!!!!

  7. ok, Deb, now I feel better, maybe I'm not so out of it after all. :)

  8. I'm glad Deb clarified for everyone although I hope it is before 2020 that those socks get some use.

  9. Janet3:29 PM

    I hope you do manage to get to take the kids to see the Wiggles. Wow! What fun! Can I come too??!!

  10. Your birthday is April 11? That's Owen's birthday! He won't be going to see the Wiggles for a few more years, though - have a great time!