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Sunday, March 19, 2006

My Birthday

I haven't had much to blog about lately. Nothing is really going on. I'm busy getting the house ready for the move, the kids have been sick and cranky (and so have I, frankly), and I just haven't had a lot of energy for anything other than stupid blogthings quizzes and playing Pyramids (when I actually get computer time). Here's my latest quiz.

Your Birthdate: April 11
Spiritual and thoughtful, you tend to take a step back from the world. You're very sensitive to what's going on around you, yet you remain calm.Although you are brilliant, it may take you a while to find your niche.Your creativity is supreme, but it sometimes makes it hard for you to get things done.
Your strength: Your inner peace
Your weakness: You get stuck in the clouds
Your power color: Emerald
Your power symbol: Leaf
Your power month: November
What Does Your Birth Date Mean?


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