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Monday, March 27, 2006

Fiber in the Woods 2006

I got back from a lovely weekend. I left Friday afternoon and drove 40 minutes to Gretna, NE. We stayed at the 4-H camp there. The facilities were so nice. We had a chef (crazy Bob), the lodge all to ourselves, and five cabins. I met so many great people and had loads of fun. Here are some of the highlights.

We spent the first part of Friday getting to know each other and spinning. I just watched and asked a lot of questions about spinning wheels. This picture (above) is of Nancy. She did a class later that night on edible weeds. It was interesting but most of you that know me will understand that it is something I will never do (eat edible weeds, that is). I would consider it, I guess, if someone prepared them for me. But, don't hold your breath waiting for me to go out into the woods looking for plants to eat.
I loved seeing everyone with their different wheels. I have a lot to think about when I'm ready to invest in this new hobby. For now, I'm content with using a drop spindle. But, that takes so long that I doubt I'll be content with that for much longer.

The next day was spent working on whatever we wanted and there were some classes held throughout the day. My favorite was the needle felting.

This is what I made. Isn't it so awesome! I'm really proud of it. It certainly wasn't the most complex design, but it's my style. There were so many creative ladies there this weekend! I can't believe some of the things that they made. We also had a class to make stitch markers. Here we are in progress and then, my final product.

I realize that's a lame excuse for a picture. Forgive me. The charms say: love, live, inspire, imagine.

Those are all the pictures that I took while I was there. What can I say? My hands were busy most of the itime. I'm already looking forward to next year.


  1. Anonymous10:28 PM

    Wow, Christy. WOW! That looks like fun. I love your pillow. You're the craftiest person I've ever met. You could sell stuff like that on ebay and be rich.


  2. Hey, Catherine...wanna buy some hand knit wool sweaters? I'm sure you'll need them out there at the beach! :) Unfortunately, it costs more to be crafty than anyone would ever want to pay for that stuff. Bummer. I'm still thinking someone might be willing to have me play SIMS for them all day for good money. Any takers?

  3. Maybe that same person will pay me to see how many times I can check blogs throughout the day. . .

    p.s. looks like you had a great time! I hope you enjoyed your time away!