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Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Counting Down (Updated)

How much longer until Sugar Daddy comes home? Not soon enough.

Updated to add: Who cares? My Girl Scout cookies just arrived! I'm saved!


  1. I'm sending you lots of thin mint cookie good vibes! p.s. I stopped by to say hello (and bring some pudding pops but you were gone. . ) I couldn't just leave them on your front porch so maybe I'll swing by this morning. . .

  2. I can't believe I missed out on pudding pops! I'll be gone again today from 11-2 (at the Y). If I can't get an appointment for BA's 1 yr. pics for tonight, I'll probably come over and paint your house!

  3. What kind of Girl Scout cookies???

  4. I only get thin mints! I bought 4 boxes. When SD came home I showed them to him (kept in the freezer---the only way to eat thin mints) and told him that he could have ONE box. That's it. The rest are MINE! I wonder how long they'll last?

  5. Matt loves his frozen too. I'll take them anyway I can get 'em. I'm taking Molly over for a playdate, then I'll swing by. . .

  6. You are making me hungry...

    I didn't get any cookies this year and this brings me to what I call 'Discrimination of people who live in Apartments.' The entire time my husband and I have lived in an apartment, we haven't had one (NOT ONE!) Girl Scout drop by. What up with that? There needs to be more equal opportunity selling!