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Sunday, August 10, 2008

Project 365


Our first night in Brooklyn we walked along the Brooklyn Promenade. Most people were taking pictures of the view of Manhattan. I couldn't stop looking at the architecture on the Brooklyn side. It was all so beautiful!

St. Patrick's Cathedral. We didn't have a chance to see much of the inside since there was a mass going on. We walked in the back and took a peek.


I spent Monday night at Etsy Labs for Virtual Craft Night. We did vegetable prints. I'll blog more about this later in the week.

I took a walk in a quaint neighborhood in Brooklyn and found this great stoop with a red door.


Coney Island Boardwalk on our last day in Brooklyn.


The ride home from Oklahoma---before Caleb puked.

Baby Simon the Rock Star. He was taking a moment to "chill" during my 08-08-08 party. I'll blog about that later this week.

We took the kids to the Lincoln Zoo. We had a free pass, free train rides, and a free ice cream cone. Carl's favorite way to party on a Saturday!

I only got one first place ribbon at the county fair this year and it was for my green bunny. I have come to realize that my entries that are the least technically challenging win the best ribbons. Go figure. These baby shoes got a second place ribbon and I was really proud of that considering I don't really consider myself super proficient in sewing. Just proves my point that simple = ribbons.


  1. Who does the judging anyway? Maybe you should be a judge. I'm sure you know more than most people in Lincoln about knitting and some other crafts as well.

  2. Janet7:27 PM

    As always, I love the pictures. I find it exciting to discover houses or neighborhoods with fascinating architecture, too. I loved the flavor in Montreal with all the outside staircases, and the Victorians in SF...!

    Congrats on your ribbons!