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Saturday, August 30, 2008


I realized I've been remiss in posting the pictures from when we were in Oklahoma. On this day, the Brokenicky family came to visit at my mom's house. They lived not far from us here in Lincoln and then they got a job in Tulsa so they moved down there and are now in the same ward at church as my mom. Small world. We weren't able to go and check out their new place this time but, we'll be back!

Caleb and Eva love that waterslide. If I remember correctly, Eva is screaming joyfully even though it looks like Caleb has her in a death grip.

Kenny thought it was lots of fun seeing the big kids play.

The popsicles were a big hit. Jonah, Eva, Caleb, and Savannah (a cousin on Greg's side) got a little messy. But, a quick trip down the slide remedied all of that.
Good buddies reunited in Oklahoma.

Check out that cool Oklahoma sky. You can kind of see the kids corralling the ducks back into their coop. That was Caleb's job when he was there. He loves those ducks.

So, there you have it. My one month late post about that day.


  1. Janet6:58 PM

    If Caleb is really lucky, he may get to chase chickens in November. (They rarely escape their yard.) I'm glad it was such a good visit.

  2. Well, Kenny REALLY looks like a Charlton.

    Those big water slides look like so much fun. I just wonder if it would wear off before I got my money's worth.