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Sunday, August 31, 2008

Project 365


While we were waiting for the Boyz II Men concert, I snapped this shot of Carl.

How cute is this? Eva wanted to wear her cheerleading outfit to the fair (thanks, Audra!). She saw this cow and had to pose.


Eva loves to play hide and seek with me but she is not very creative in her hiding places. She was sitting on the couch right there when she asked me to play. I counted, turned around and saw this. She was also yelling, "I'm on the couch! I'm on the couch!".

Nie Nie celebrations kept me from taking any other pictures besides one like this for the raffle.

Julie was crocheting some amigurumi at our knit night on Wednesday and I decided to join in. Here is what I made. Scary, no?

I listed seven stamp sets on Etsy this weekend. The new catalog came out and I'm going through and getting rid of some of the retired sets that I can finally live without.


A friend from church asked me to watch her teenage daughter this afternoon. They needed a break from each other and she does really well over at my house. I put her to work cooking (hence, the apron), ironing (we're working on a quilt for a RS service project), and then she found some knitting needles and started to knit. This is my kind of girl!


  1. Janet5:41 PM

    Yes, what a find! It sounds like both you and she had a fun afternoon. Those poses of Eva are cute! I can't wait to play too.

  2. Anonymous6:35 PM

    So how often would you like her to come over?