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Monday, August 25, 2008

I Made it Myself-- Mini Sweaters

I finally got my act together and made some more mini sweaters. I had 4 white ones finished from a few months ago and since last Monday (thanks to the Olympics) I've made one more white and 7 red ones. Five of the red ones still need to be seamed up so they aren't technically finished yet. I just don't work on etsy projects on Sundays so I'll finish those up today. It is easier to do a lot of the knitting and then work on the seaming all at once. When those are finished and I have all of the orders filled that were placed with me in the spring, I'll start listing them again in my shop. I'll also start working on some OU ones (hang in there, mom & Jennifer). Now that it is almost football season, I'm a little more motivated. Having some craft fair deadlines helps as well, of course.

Did you make anything this week? Take a quick look at the guidelines and then share it here!


  1. Adorable! Stringing them all side to side to make a winter garland would be lovely.

  2. sweet! I need to order three NU ones from you (red or white- doesn't matter). They are for Christmas - so no rush... but just wanted to let you know. I'll keep checking for them in your Etsy shop!

  3. Those are really cute!

  4. Anonymous9:14 PM


    These are so cute.....I could see them all over my Christmas tree. Love it!