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Tuesday, August 12, 2008

My Adventures

Before I left on vacation I gave you, fair readers, an opportunity to choose my adventure. I had quite a good time trying to accomplish as many as I could. Here is my documentation.

Janet said... The only suggestion I can give is the Manhattan temple.

The temple is right off the subway stop for Lincoln Center and just a block or two away from Central Park and Tavern on the Green.

Gayla said...Here is my suggestion.

Wear you brightest pastel clothes , make up a sob story about losing your purse while jumping up and down outside Good Morning America and hit people up for busfare home.

said... I already gave you my suggestions in person. I'll just say--you gotta do the Today Show and make a really cool sign. What were all those posters you made as a cheerleader for if not for this moment??

I'm more of a Today show kind of gal but there was no way I was hauling my cookies all that way when Matt Lauer wasn't going to be there. This is as close as I got (although we did walk by 30 Rock one afternoon).

Sorry, Tiffany! My picture with the sign I made for you didn't turn out. Just know that I did it just for you in the privacy of my hotel room.

Lauren said... Go to the TKTS booth in Times Square and get yourself a discount ticket to a matinee of a Broadway show! The line was long but moved rather quickly. Carl and I got tickets to see the Sunday matinee show of Spamalot. I'm sad that Clay Aiken wasn't in it anymore. But, Stephen Collins (from 7th Heaven) and Drew Lachey (98 Degrees and Dancing With the Stars) were in it. Plus, a couple of actors I recognized from All My Children. We were in the 5th row and we had a great time!

Maren said...

I want to see you in a picture with the Naked Cowboy in Times Square. Because what's a trip to NYC without the Naked Cowboy? For reals.

There are no words.

kellie said... I vote for crushing people's heads. Hollie and I were crushing heads up in Winter Park, CO last week and it was awesome.

I'm crushing Carl's head while we were on the Brooklyn Promenade. I didn't do as much head crushing as I thought I might because I think I looked silly enough already.

Liz said... Knowng how much you like books AND like a good deal, hop on the train to Union Square and go to the STRAND bookstore (12th and Broadway).

I don't have a picture of myself at Strand, but I was there! I got a little overwhelmed and in the end just bought a few souvenirs (you got your wish, Liz) and Breaking Dawn (which I finished before we got back to Tulsa).

The Holdaway's said... I loved NYC when I was there in 2001. I think Lady Liberty is a must (I loved the skyline looking back from the island too, but that was 2 months before 9/11 :(. Now I would go to ground zero...
I was cheap and decided to take the Staten Island Ferry (FREE!) to get my close-up view of the Statue of Liberty. I also got a shot of the city and docks as we were pulling away.

wendysue said...
Oh, and make sure and buy yourself a sweet "rolex" or "coach" purse on Canal street.
This isn't Canal Street and I didn't buy a purse. But, I did have some pretty awesome street tacos and I ate them in front of this flea market booth. Close enough? Oh yeah. I did buy a watch while I was there. It was from the Brooklyn Macy's which is *almost* like buying something on the street.

I promised authentic NYC souvenirs but wouldn't you know it? I forgot to buy them. I'm so lame. I didn't even get any postcards. So, major apologies. I hope this awesome trip report will do!


  1. Woo-hoo for the Naked Cowboy! (I'm just glad you weren't posing like the lady behind you. Awwwwkwwaaarrrd!)

  2. BTW, I think your next big trip should be to Indiana. :)

  3. Thanks for the report! You took some great pics. The Naked Cowboy frightens me! lol

  4. Maren--Kerry and I are seriously thinking about making a trek out to Indiana in the next couple of months. Will you plan an awesome party for our joyous return?

  5. Christy, we would plan the most spectacular (possibly bunko-themed) party this town has ever seen if you two made a trip out here!

  6. Lauren9:40 PM

    I'm SO jealous that you saw Spamalot!!

    You don't mess around on your vacations, do you? That's a LOT of activities!

  7. There is so so much you could do in Indiana. Says the girl who had to cancel her major summer excursion due to gas prices and car expenses. We did 5 local trips with the camper instead.
    As for the Naked Cowboy I saw him on peoples court and was dying laughing. I think the neat thing about the photo is the background. SWATCH.... So 80's memory....and the fact that Michael Phelps is on the screen...hello year of the Olymics as well as the most medals.

  8. Sooo excited to see my Strand souvenir! :)

  9. I envy your trip to NCY! What a fun place. It's been years for me. Also congrats on your 10 years! Yay! Maybe your next trip should be to Los Angeles! I'll give you a tour. :)

  10. Come to Indy - I'd love to meet you in person finally, since we have so many common friends...and we always need an excuse for an extra bunko :)