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Friday, August 15, 2008

Etsy Craft Night

In an industrial building in Brooklyn just blocks from the Brooklyn Bridge, you will find the headquarters for Etsy. My love for Etsy is no secret so when I found out that Carl's conference was in Brooklyn, I knew I would have to search out their building and plan a visit. Who knew it would be a short two block walk from my hotel room? Another bonus? I'd be there for their weekly craft night!

Every Monday night they host a virtual craft night so even when I'm not there physically, I can still participate via their awesome virtual labs. In this picture, you can see Julie (sitting on the left) showing what she made to the chatters via a webcam.

At this craft night we were making stamps out of potatoes. It was led by Papismami (Dari). I was not very creative and after trying to make some cool shapes, I decided I was best off sticking with words. Did you like my "suck up" etsy potato stamp in the first picture? It actually turned out pretty awesome. It was kind of hard to do words since you have to carve them backwards.

I also made one that said "hi". Gee. I'm soooooo creative. ;) I wish I had taken more pictures of what everyone else made but I was too busy having FUN!

Here's a shot of some of the people working.
Besides my running into Jonathan Adler on the street in Soho, the only other celebrity I met was Andrea. Sorry for the crazy pic of everyone. The whole time I was wondering who I knew that Andrea was reminding me of. Then, her commercial work was brought up. She's actually a super funny comedienne and gave me her web address to check out. I had actually seen some of her shorts via youtube in the past (Workout and Book Club). This one I saw after I came home. So funny!

I wanted to get everyone's shop addresses to share but very few people there actually had etsy shops. Here are a few of the other people that were there.


daniellexo. One of the Etsy Teams staff.

I wish I lived closer so I could go every Monday night. I'll just have to be content to watch via webcam and craft at home!


  1. WHAT? It's just now coming out that you saw Jonathan Adler?

    Did you say "See ya later, Decorator??"

    Fun crafty night!

  2. I twittered about it AS SOON AS I SAW HIM! I stopped on the corner and sent the message! I just forgot to blog about it as soon as I got home.

  3. wow looks like fun!