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Saturday, August 16, 2008

Free Weekend

We are spending this last weekend before school starts in Hastings, NE. I won a free hotel stay during the autism walk and we are finally using it.

I'm writing this before we leave but it is scheduled to post while we are gone.

Here is what we are looking forward to the most...

Carl--ping pong table at the hotel. He even brought his paddles. We are serious about our ping pong.

Caleb--swimming and dinosaurs. We are going to a museum (dinos) and swim at the hotel.

Eva--swimming. She just wants to swim! She's my water baby.

Me--We're going to drive out to Gothenburg before we head back to Lincoln to see the town where my great, great grandparents lived and farmed. They have a pony express museum, a sod house museum, and I'm going to spend time at the historical museum to see if they can help me find the address of the farm. I should also go and check out Peckham Cemetery to see the gravestones. The geeky genealogist in me is super excited about all of this!


  1. In light of the Olympics, you should say "Table Tennis" instead of "Ping Pong." It's much more athletic sounding, especially since you have your own paddles.

    Good luck on finding the farm. I'd be excited too.

  2. Janet9:55 AM

    Sounds like a fun weekend for everybody. I hope you can find the farm. Being where you know your ancestors lived gives you a different feeling or view of the present.