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Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Choose My Adventure

image via Flickr

I'm going to have three days to explore the city on my own while Carl is at his conference. I thought it would be fun if you guys suggested some things for me to do. Do you want me to take a picture of myself at Coney Island eating a Nathan's hot dog? Should I pull a Kids in the Hall and crush some heads? Leave a comment suggesting a possible adventure and if I do it while I'm there, I'll send you an authentic NYC souvenir!


  1. Anonymous10:39 AM

    Hey...You had better be careful by yourself...remember you are not in Lincoln NE!

  2. The only suggestion I can give is the Manhattan temple. I can't help but wonder what the setting is like. I understand there is a chapel on the property as well. It has been so long since we went to NYC (1970??) that I am no help. Have a wonderful trip! (I wouldn't be surprised to hear that you have been hitting the yarn shops.)

    PS. I had the same thought as your mom!

  3. I loved NYC when I was there in 2001. I think Lady Liberty is a must (I loved the skyline looking back from the island too, but that was 2 months before 9/11 :(. Now I would go to ground zero...
    Also, central park is great, seeing the UN building, Empire state building, Wall street.
    You should definitely eat in Little Italy - delicious!

  4. Gayla2:07 PM

    Museum of Natural History, Little Italy, Central Park .... blah

    Here is my suggestion.

    Wear you brightest pastel clothes , make up a sob story about losing your purse while jumping up and down outside Good Morning America and hit people up for busfare home.

    Once you have enough money, spring for lunch at the Waldorf. Clams casino and Pellegrino water, as a starter, grilled chilean turbot for lunch, and chocolate feuillantine for dessert.

    That is what you want to tell people about when they ask you "what'd you do in NY?"

    Heck, we went for pizza the other day and almost started the restaurant on fire, it was a blast.

  5. Lauren4:03 PM

    Go to the TKTS booth in Times Square and get yourself a discount ticket to a matinee of a Broadway show! A single ticket to a matinee should be pretty reasonable. You should totally go see Legally Blonde! The girl from the MTV reality show just started starring in it this week. How kitsch is that??

  6. I want to see you in a picture with the Naked Cowboy in Times Square. Because what's a trip to NYC without the Naked Cowboy? For reals.

  7. I vote for crushing people's heads. Hollie and I were crushing heads up in Winter Park, CO last week and it was awesome.

    Have a fun Trip!!!

  8. I'm with Lauren. Go see a show and then tell Carl how much you saved at the half-price ticket booth.

    Oh, and please crush some heads. I LOVE to crush heads!

  9. I already gave you my suggestions in person. I'll just say--you gotta do the Today Show and make a really cool sign. What were all those posters you made as a cheerleader for if not for this moment??

    What about David Letterman Show? Here is how to get stand-by tickets:
    Stand-By Tickets

    Stand-by tickets are available by calling (212) 247-6497 starting at 11:00 a.m. on the day of the taping you wish to attend. Your name will be taken and you will be placed on our stand by list in the order we receive your call. You will be asked to check in to the theater at a specific time approximately 1 hour before the taping. You will only be admitted to the actual taping in the event seats remain after all of the regularly ticketed guests are accommodated. We will keep the above phone line open for approximately 30-60 minutes or until we fill our allocation of stand by slots, which varies from day to day. As with all of our tickets, all attendees must present a government-issued picture I.D. to match the name(s) given on the phone

  10. Definitely get some cheesecake from Roxy's in Times Square. . .it's crazy delicious.

    Remember to check out the Frick Museum just off of 5th ave. . . (or as we loved to say as we were going there. . .where's the Frickin' museum! Ha. We're SO funny.) I loved the art, but loved the stories of the home and all the different rooms even more.

    Oh, and make sure and buy yourself a sweet "rolex" or "coach" purse on Canal street.

    OH, and totally get on CASH CAB!! You'd rock that show.

    As for the city, I felt totally safe there, as long as you don't wander too far from the main areas, you're pretty much around 85% tourists.

  11. Knowng how much you like books AND like a good deal, hop on the train to Union Square and go to the STRAND bookstore (12th and Broadway). They advertise 18 miles of shelves of books. There are some new books but most are used, seconds or publishers' remains. GREAT DEALS. And if I win, you can buy me a STRAND souvenir.

    Have fun!

  12. I've never been to NYC, but if I ever do, it would be a lot of fun to be on Cash Cab, not that you have much control over that... But, definitely the Manhattan Temple. Other than that, crushing heads is always fun! :)

  13. I was recently there and saw all the normal sites, but I really wanted to go to the apt where Heath Ledger died (in SoHo), so my sis and I took the subway and found it. We are both big fans of Heath so it was a good thing. Sad, but I'm glad I went.

  14. Gayla8:20 AM

    Heath Ledger's apartment-o-death? The Frick? zzzzzzzzzz. Wall St is made of asphalt, just like any other street. Standing in line at TKTS and seeing a show is kitsch? in what universe?

    If this is the plan, please don't blog about it, I might drool on my keyboard.