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Friday, July 11, 2008

INTRODUCING... I Made it Myself!


Starting tomorrow, this blog will feature "I Made it Myself". Here are the FAQs.

1. This is a blog carnival for all those that would like to share something that they have made themselves.

2. These blog posts are not meant to be one long commercial of items you have for sale--but to share something that you made that you are proud of. At the end of your post, you can certainly include where and how to purchase your item if it is for sale but please limit yourself to one advertising link.

3. Please only blog about one item at a time. If you have some items that are related, that is fine, but only include one advertising link per post.

4. Include the "I Made it Myself" button somewhere in your post. Here is a link to the image or you can just right click the image at the top of this post. Please save the image to your own computer and use it in your posts and/or on your blog.

5. Use the Mr. Linky widget at the bottom of each week's post to put in the link to your blog post. Make sure the link is to your specific post and not to your blog home page. When entering your name, please include what it is that you have made.

6. Remember to link back here so everyone will have an opportunity to see all of the great handmade items!

Okay, everyone! Make something. Blog about it. Post it here every Saturday!


  1. Great idea... cute logo...

  2. Love your idea! I make costumes.
    Getting busy soon comes Halloween!