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Thursday, June 05, 2008

On the Go!

I am just barely getting to sit down and blog today...and even now I should be zipping over to the grocery store so I can be done in time to pick the kids up.

I babysat this morning (for the chocolate covered strawberry friend) so Carl dropped the kids off at the sitter's on his way to work. I stopped by CVS to get some of the deals for this week (FEBREEZE--a MUST for a super-smeller like me!) and then I had to go and pick up Caleb for an appointment with the behavioral psychologist. Today it was a great session. He has been doing really well following directions and not fighting me to go to time out. We talked about that and then we worked the rest of the time on the potty. They read stories about going potty and talking about how happy it would make us if he would go poopoo on the potty. He'll do it eventually!

After the session I took Caleb back to Mary's and then I went to get a haircut. Bad idea. It was getting a little bushy and all I really needed was a trim so I ventured over to the beauty college for a super cheap cut (I even had a coupon!). It took over an hour and wasn't really what I wanted. Okay, he did thin out the top a bit so I don't look so much like a mushroom head. But, instead of having a swing bob--it is all one length in the back. It doesn't come up at all. Oh well. I don't have time to fix it today and it doesn't look that bad. I'm just mad that it wasted an hour of my precious kid-free time.

I came home to work on the house for a bit and make my shopping list. I clipped coupons this morning while babysitting. Now I just have to get out of here and back in an hour. Not to mention I have to finish up some laundry before I leave on my trip tomorrow.

I haven't even had a chance to photograph the tote bag I made the other day. Another day.


  1. I wanna see pics of the haircut. Now I'm curious.

  2. Janet6:20 PM

    Have a great time this weekend! It such a shame that leaving for a vacation always includes high-stress preparations. I can only rarely avoid it. For our trip this month, I'm going to try to be super organized and low-key. (Ha!)

  3. I have days like that, understand. I don't know why, but Febreze makes me ill. Oust and others work better. Many I know like the smell of Febreze, but I think I am a Super Smeller, and it just is too much.

    Thanks for visiting my blog, and I am glad it was helpful to you. If you ever have any questions about autism, feel free to email me...I always like to help.

    "I've bookmarked you, and though I don't have a creative handwork bone in my body, I will be back to read.