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Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Talk About Tuesday

I spent a fair amount of time over the weekend at Joann's and Hancock's. They were having some pretty good holiday weekend sales so I took advantage. I'm telling you, sewing is really taking over a bunch of my crafting time. I'm having a lot of fun building up a little stash and making fun projects.

Books were 40% off at Joann so I splurged and got this book. I have the Last Minute Knitted Gifts so I thought this would be a good companion book. It is! I'm planning on going to PurlSoho when I'm in NYC in August and I'm pretty sure I'll bring home some souvenir fabric and yarn. I made a bird ornament (from the cover) last night for Wendy's birthday. It was pretty easy. I definitely need to practice my blindstitching because you could totally tell where I had to hand sew. Oops. Sorry, Wendy!

Patterns were on sale at Joann (Simplicity for $1) and Hancocks (McCalls and Butterick for $.88). I got a bunch of patterns for bags and accessories and one pattern for clothes for me.

And now, the fabric. I actually didn't get as much as I wanted/could have/etc... I restrained myself because I really only have so much room for my fabric stash and I didn't have plans for all of it.
The two fabrics on the left are heavier home decorator fabric that I'm going to make into a messenger bag. The rest of the fabric will be bags or totes or other little things. I'm really digging this reversible tote bag tutorial. I'm also starting to think ahead for next year's Autism Speaks fundraiser. Maybe I'll be able to make this?

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  1. Now that's some bargains! I usually go to pick up fabric during their Memorial Day sale and missed it this year.

    Thanks for the tutorial link. I think I'll talk my sister into sewing me a bag (I have no clue how to sew!).

  2. You got some really CUTE stuff Christy! Watch out - your yarn storage space may soon be overrun with fabric! I am weak for all kinds of fabric, particularly flannel, and am sure I could open a small boutique with my stash if I really wanted to. Ouch!

    I also love the puzzle piece quilt. What a great idea for next years Autism Speaks fundraiser!

  3. Gigi--I wish you lived down the street so you could help me!

  4. Anonymous3:04 PM

    I'm so not crafty with fabric. That's great that you were able to find all that stuff!

  5. you are really making me want to sew! I'm too busy packing and organizing though!

  6. Janet5:52 PM

    Christy, you're giving me ideas....! It's been too long since I sewed anything. I guess there's no time like the present to begin again. I like that puzzle quilt. It will be great for the fund-raiser.

  7. I use to love to craft. Now the thought of it just makes me tired. Hmm, must be a statement on my life.

  8. I want to start a new quilt so bad! But apparently not bad enough to actually do it! Have fun with all your treasures.

  9. Great bargains! Now I wish I had gone to JoAnns yesterday!

  10. Anonymous8:55 PM

    Sewing goes much faster for me than knitting.