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Monday, June 02, 2008


Have you heard about RME yet? It is spreading like wildfire over at etsy so I thought I'd add some fuel to the fire.

Revolution Money Exchange is a new service like Paypal but without the FEES! Paypal fees have been digging into my profits from my eBay and etsy sales. With hundreds of buyers and sellers on etsy already using this site, I thought I better look into it and see if it would be something that could benefit me.

I signed up a couple of days ago and my account is all set up. I even made a purchase. The basics are very similar to paypal (which I'm very familiar with) so it wasn't too big of a stretch to use the service.

I will now be accepting RME for my etsy shop and if you decide that RME is something you'd like to try, I get a $10 referral bonus for anyone that signs up for an account using the button on my left sidebar. If you do, let me know and I'll give you $5 off anything in my shop.


  1. Speaking of Etsy....

    When do you think you will have some of those adorable mini-sweater ornaments? I think that's what I want to give for Christmas presents this year.

    I signed up for RME before, but don't remember which email address I used and I don't think I ever confirmed my bank account. If I can't figure it out I may sign up again with you as my referral instead.

  2. I'm so far behind on my sweater production! I need to make about 10 more to get me out of the hole (pre-orders) and then I'll have some ready to post again. I'm assuming you want some OU ones--I should have a bunch ready for the fall.

  3. I signed up with RME earlier and got $25 for signing up!

  4. Me too! I just didn't mention it because I don't think they're doing it anymore.

    I should have signed up on a referral from you, Tiffany!