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Sunday, June 01, 2008

Project 365

05/26/08Growing fabric stash.

05/27/08Caleb had the day off from school so he joined us for a Lincoln Safari adventure.

05/28/08Caleb and Eva got letters from Grandma Nelson. She would be proud to know that they have been wearing underwear (not the same pair) for a week now. NO MORE PULL UPS! Eva is pretty much trained. Caleb still refuses to poop on the potty.

05/29/08We did another Safari visit on Thursday. This is at the community garden downtown.

05/30/08I made a few more squares for my Lizard Ridge afghan. I'm more than halfway finished with those. I'd like to have it finished for this year's fair season.

The sink is installed. I love my new faucet. The floor is almost finished. We just need to put it under the washer and dryer and in a small section in front of the tub. When I say "we", I mean Carl. I have actually had very little to do with this renovation except picking out all the goods.

06/01/08I think Eva looks a little like Dominic Monaghan in this picture. Maybe I've been watching a little too much Lost?


  1. Christy!
    I found your link via Wendy's...Now i can keep up with my favorite old sunbeam:) Email me at maryanncarlileathotmaildotcom and I will add you to ours!

  2. Janet4:30 PM

    I love those pictures. Lizard Ridge is ging to win a prize. When are your county and state fairs? Tell Caleb and Eva I'm VERY proud of them not needing diapers. (Good luck! I hope they keep progressing there.)

  3. Anonymous9:14 AM

    Go kids on potty-training! The PT is getting frustrating in our house, so I totally get excited to hear about kids who are doing it right.

  4. Princessmomma--don't get too excited. My son is 5 and STILL won't poop on the darn potty.