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Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Red Light, Green Light

The kids know that you're supposed to stop at a red light and you can go at a green light. The other day I was making a right turn at a red light and the kids started screaming saying stuff like, "Oh no! We're gonna crash!". I told them that sometimes you can go when it is red if you look both ways and make sure there are no cars or people.

Eva was relieved. She said, "No crash! That would break the car and no have tape!".

There you have it. It is okay to crash and break the car as long as you have tape to fix it!


  1. It probably helps if it is sticky tape.

    Every time Nathan goes down one particular slide at White Water, he tells me to say "Goodbye" because this might be the end of him.

  2. That's so cute!! Make sure you carry tape from now on.

    I, er, wrecked my car just before Christmas. (I've decided that I shouldn't be allowed to drive in snow when I'm pregnant--too flaky) so now Alex always tells me it's OK to crash because "they can fix it." His reasoning why I should be able to turn around a look at him while driving. He also thinks that you should speed up for yellow lights.

  3. She must mean duct tape, right? MacGyver would be so proud.

  4. Janet8:31 PM

    That's precious. Thanks for writing about it. Things like that need to be journaled for posterity. (And, yes, I'm sure she meant duct tape.)

    Have I told you the "one cloe" story about Carl? If not, ask him.

  5. Oh yes. The one cloe story was one of the very first you ever told me. Classic.