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Monday, June 09, 2008

Girls Weekend 2008


We got to Kansas City around 4:30pm and checked into our hotel. We stayed at the Holiday Inn at the Plaza. I was really impressed with the hotel and the location. I will definitely consider staying there again. They had a shuttle that would take you anywhere within 2 miles of the hotel. That turned out to be well worth it!

We decided to check out the Nelson-Atkins museum first. It was pretty neat inside and out.I will admit that I was very disappointed in their textile exhibit. Oh well.

After the museum, we walked down to the plaza to have some dinner. Most of the buildings have gorgeous Spanish-style architecture. It was a gorgeous day.

We ate at Jack Stack's. YUMMMMMMY! Seriously, the best meal we had all weekend (in my opinion).

We both got the sliced meat plates and between us we shared all 5 different types of meat. The beef and pork were the best. The sides were TO DIE FOR! I got beans and the cheesy corn bake. The sides were the highlight of the meal, for sure!

After dinner we walked back to the hotel and crashed. We had to be ready for our big day!


I took hardly any pictures on Saturday because we just spent most of the time shopping. In the morning we grabbed a quick breakfast at Panera and then went to some of the shops on the plaza (namely Anthropologie and L'Occitane). Then we went to Briarcliff Village to meet up with Kerry and her friend, Kenzie. We ate lunch at The Cafe and then shopped. We went to Urban Arts & Crafts and I bought a book, Amy Butler fabric, and some stuff to make a bracelet.

We rushed off to get to Crown Center in time to see the Hallmark visitor's center before they closed. It was okay. I probably would have rather shopped more at Briarcliff Village but we didn't know.

For dinner we were back at the plaza and ate at Hibachi Japanese Grill. It was yummy and so much fun to see them prepare dinner right there in front of us (a lot like Shogun).

The highlight of the day (even the whole trip, maybe?) was when we went to Ernie Biggs.
It is a dueling piano bar in Westport. These guys were so good! They rocked out to whatever anyone thought of to request. Shannon and I requested "It's Raining Men" and "The Devil Went Down to Georgia". She took some video so hopefully she'll be able to post it on her blog sometime. I'll definitely link to it when she does. It got a little raunchy when they brought up the bachelorettes (there were about 10 bachelorette parties going on) but other than that, it was great entertainment! We'll be going back there, for sure. I already know what I'm going to request!


Sunday morning we went to brunch at Tomfooleries. It was so yummy! It was an all you can eat omelet bar and anything else you could imagine for a brunch. I particularly enjoyed the blintzes.
Here is another example of the Plaza's Spanish influenced architecture.
After eating, we met up with Kerry at the Mormon visitor's center in Independence. Since we weren't going to make it for church services, we decided to do the next best thing. It was a great tour and we had a fun time!

Ready for Girls Weekend 2009???? Put in your location and date requests now.


  1. It was so fun to see you again this week-end!I am glad you don't live too far away. We will definitely have to plan more fun times.

    I say San Diego fo 2009! Woo-Hoo! I totally know all the good stuff. I will be your tour guide. I don't even care when...probably as soon as school is out for Logan at the end of May...or later in the summer is fine too. Nothin beats a nice ocean breeze to take a break from the summer heat!

  2. How about a trip to SLC/Bear Lake? I bet if we planned it in advance my parents would totally let us use their cabin. We'd be able to have a great time in the sun.

  3. The Plaza is really so pretty. We went to KC every summer growing up to see family. Love the fountains.

  4. Anonymous7:51 PM

    Is the Shannon in Kansas City the WWOM or wo for short Shannon? I know you know what I am talking about...but I am not sure I used the right terminology. You can explain it to those who would not remember it from your college days.

  5. No--this Shannon is from here in Lincoln. I haven't been in touch with WO Shannon for a while. would be pretty darn fun to have a WO reunion.

  6. San Diego and SLC both sound great! Count me in for 2009, it will be my off year (no nursing, no pregnancy). Party!

  7. I'm putting my vote in for San Francisco.

  8. Looks like you guys had lots of fun!

    My vote is for San Francisco, too. I LOVE that place. (I used to live less than an hour from there.) There's a million things to do, it's gorgeous, the food is AWESOME, and you can usually find some great deals. The best time of year to go to SF is October. (The summer's are actually cold because of the bay.)