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Saturday, June 21, 2008

SMART Habit Saturday

I'm doing okay with my habit for the month---which is to use my "nanny" time wisely. I get 12 hours a week and I divided that time up into 3 sections: Home, Work, ME. Here are some of the things I accomplished this week.


Finally organized our bathroom. The floor is 98% finished so I figured I could take our toiletries out of a trash bag and put them into the baskets that go under our vanity now that the dust threat has been minimized.

Put away all of the sheets and blankets that have been piled up in the hallway.

Trying to keep my foyer under control. Came up with a plan to move our recycling bins into the garage instead of in our house right by the dining room table.

Clipped coupons and did a little grocery shopping.


Most of my free time this week has been spent on etsy. I've promoted my shop, I've done some trades with other etsy-ers, I've made some sales. I wrote an article as a guest blogger. All in all, it has been very productive.

I've also replaced a lot of the items that have sold so I've been making a lot of new things. I added some new cards that are donated through Etsy for Autism. I made over 60 glass marble magnets (sold 12 already).


I didn't do too much for me time during the week. I did indulge in a little Chipotle so that was good. Crafting is a great stress reliever for me so I didn't feel like I had to do anything else extra to give me a little boost. While I was crafting I finished up season 4 of Lost. Now I'm totally caught up. Bummer.

While I don't feel like I was extremely productive this week, I can see that I made a lot of progress and I know that I couldn't have accomplished all of this with the kids at home. Next week Carl will be at Scout Camp so those 12 hours are going to be even more precious to me!


  1. Sounds like a very productive week. I need to use my time more wisely too.

  2. Janet8:53 PM

    Good going, Christy. Maybe I would feel better if I kept track of what I accomplish in several categories. I'll try it.

  3. Sounds like you've gotten a lot done. It's always amazing to me how quickly that kid-free time goes. I have to tell you that I love your etsy store, too. If I have a girl, I may have to get a pair of those cute booties you've been making!!

  4. I just hired a nanny, and I have her about the same amount of hours. So far I have spent it all at Dr appointments with my baby and dates with my hubby! Time and money well spent in my opinion. 4 kids at any Dr appointment is just EVIL, no matter how well behaved they are.

    I *love* LOST! The season 4 finale was fabulous no?? Good luck with managing you time. I love your Etsy stuff too! Thanks for sharing!