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Thursday, June 12, 2008


I feel like I'm back in Oklahoma when it seemed like every night during tornado season Gary England was on my tv telling people in Chickasha or Seminole to take cover and he'd keep us advised.

We've had some crazy weather around here the past couple of weeks and I have just been mildly annoyed that I haven't been able to enjoy So You Think You Can Dance.

Last night it hit a little too close to home. The tornado didn't, but this did. Some of the fatalities were scouts from Omaha. Carl will be at scout camp (not this exact one) in about 10 days. If there are any storms during that week someone better make sure I have enough ice cream and Pepsi to make it through!


  1. I have ice cream... I can probably find pepsi!!!

  2. I saw this on the news yesterday--CRAZY. There really has been some crazy weather lately. Stay safe!

  3. I thought we were out of Tornado Alley (well, at least a little bit) by coming up to MN...but we're NOT! There is not much more that scares me than that. If we have some diet Pepsi, I will come over and join you, k?

  4. Mary ann--Wild Cherry Diet Pepsi! That's my vice.