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Thursday, September 13, 2007

Widow Maker

Overall I am very pleased with the career that Carl chose for himself. Being a professor is pretty cushy. He gets to research what he loves and gets paid for it. He doesn't work crazy hours and if I really need him during the day, he is available. What I didn't anticipate is the amount of traveling he would be doing. When Caleb wasn't in school and we didn't have to buy airfare for the kids, we would go with him. Now it just isn't economical to do that. These past few months have been full of trips. We had France, Las Vegas, and in two weeks he is going to Los Angeles. The good news is that I don't think he has any more scheduled for the rest of the year.

Another thing that keeps Carl away from home is his calling. He is in the Young Men's Presidency at church and is the Scoutmaster. Again, this week is a little abnormal in the fact that he is busy with the YM 4 days (Tues-activity in Papillion, Thurs-regular activity service project, Fri/Sat-scout campout). In the past 2 weeks, Carl has been at home 3 evenings.

When this month is all said and done, he will have been gone 17 days. Not all of these are overnights--just gone long enough that he doesn't see the kids for more than 30-60 minutes a day. I'll be glad when things get back to normal but I can't help but be grateful that school is in session. If I had to keep Caleb occupied and engaged for all that amount of time by myself, I'd be back in therapy in no time!


  1. Janet8:49 PM

    Yes, it's hard to deal alone with the challenges children bring. Larry was traveling for his work when Carl was tiny, so I remember 2 very serious trips to the ER with Carl and without Larry's support.

    That's why Mother's Day is a big thing. We earned it!

  2. Janet8:51 PM

    Aren't you glad you aren't a single mom! They really have it hard.