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Saturday, September 29, 2007

Smart Habit Saturday

Here are the habits I've worked on for September:

1. Sleeping. I've been going to bed around 10:30pm on weekdays and 11pm on weekends. We've been sleeping a little later in the week (thanks, kids!) so I'm moving my weekday bedtime to 11pm as well. I could use the extra time for my knitting deadlines.

2. Laundry. Didn't go over so well. I don't think I was meant to tackle such a HUGE habit at this time in my life.

3. Cooking for my family. This was really great and fun. It motivated me to be more organized with my shopping and my menu planning for that week. I hope to implement this again after this week now that Carl will be at home more often (no more trips until 2008!).

4. Diet Pepsi reduction. This has gone much better than planned. I did have a day or two where I drank more than one. HOWEVER...I also drank tons of water those days so it was kind of a reward. Right? I have 5 more Pepsis and I'm not buying any more for daily consumption.

And now we are to my SMART habit for this week. It is all about me and strengthening my marriage. I'm going to go on a date with my husband, make sure to talk with him each day, get a massage, read a good book, and do some other things that are all about helping us be better people. Will a massage help me be a better person? You betcha! After this horrific month, I'm pretty sure I deserve it. Now, if only I can find time to shave my legs between now and my appointment.


  1. Isn't it funny how we can live with someone and not really talk to them during a day? Good habits. Have a focused week.

  2. Those are some great habits and I wish you well. My husband and I have started going out every Friday and it's made a world of difference.

  3. Good goals for this coming week. The real talking to someone isn't as easy as it may seem. As I have said in my testimonies, the hour Dale and I talk going to and from the temple is some of our best talking. (When Dale isn't sleeping! :) :) And the massage is probably the second best thing on your list! :)

  4. Christy, have you tried the Myotherapy Institute on Old Cheney and Hwy 2? I didn't know until recently that we had a massage school here in Lincoln. It's hard to beat an hour's massage for $25!! I've gone only once but plan to go back.

  5. I love the marriage habit. It is all too easy to take a marriage for granted.

  6. Thanks Liz for the heads up on the massage school. The price is right!

  7. My husband and I definitely need to spend more time alone without kids but I'm afraid it just won't happen until the kids are older. Especially now that we have another one one they way!

    You're doing so great with your habits. Way to go!

  8. That's a good goal. It took me way too long to realize that spending time together was one way to say "I love you." We really enjoy our weekly dates. Of course, it was a lot more difficult to arrange them when the boys were young.

    Hmmmmmm, maybe I should think about Smart Habits myself.

  9. great goals for the month and i love that you are adding quality time w/ your hubby in. it is always so easy to get caught up in the business of life and so hard to tear away from it!

    my sweetie and i have a ten minute rule. each night, after all the kids are tucked into bed, we spend "10 minutes" together. we curl up on the couch or cuddle in bed and talk about our day or other things that are on our mind. if we have a lot to accomplish, 10 minutes isn't too long but if we have extra time, 10 minutes can last a bit longer.

    i know it does not sound like a lot of time but the fact that he puts down or turns off whatever he is doing just to focus on me means a great deal and i think it means the same for him. good luck!

  10. These are really a smart habits to follow up with...It's indeed good to spend time with each other in such a way.....It really ease out the life a lot....and the best way to remove misunderstandings....Thanks for sharing such great ideas...