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Monday, September 10, 2007

Small Victories

Today Caleb did some things that he's never done before. These are things that Eva's been doing for a while but Caleb has had some real issues with it. This morning he was as proud as can be to show us what he could do.

1. He put on his underwear by himself.
2. He put on his pants by himself.
3. He put on his socks by himself.

We clapped and cheered and were really excited for him! Eva, not wanting to be left out of the excitement went to put on an outfit, too. This is what she chose and then said, "LOOK!".

I wish I had a better shot of her standing up. The clothes are all Caleb's and those shorts she has on go to the middle of her calves. She looked like a real skater dude. We cheered and clapped for her "achievement" as well.

It's been a good morning.


  1. Supercute to the rescue!

    Congratulations on a good morning. I hope it lasts.

  2. Janet7:41 PM

    Good for him, ... and for her too.

  3. That's so great of Caleb! It's so great when kids want to have that independance....and actually be able to do it too!

  4. What a great post! You sure have a couple of cuties there. :)

  5. Yeah Caleb! Yeah Eva!

  6. YEAH me, I know exactly how you feel. Small victories around our house are HUGE. One great thing about living with "the A word" is that it makes you appreciate all the little things. ;)

  7. So Christy will there be more pants being worn around the house. Just kidding! There are times in my house that it is noon and they still aren't on. That is the children of course. I was looking at some old pictures when I just had two or three and there are a lot of pictures of them in diapers. Way to go Caleb!!!!!And Eva!!!

  8. Poor Eva thinks that whenever I put clothes on her it means that we are leaving the house!