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Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Visions of Pinwheels

I really want to make this sweater for Eva. I have the yarn (brights- pink, yellow, green, purple). I have the motivation. I just don't have the time. I have knitting deadlines, people. I'm stalled on the Project Lincoln sweater because I'm at a part where I need to be able to do math, write out the pattern, and do the knitting all at the same time. I need a good chunk of kid free time to do this and I just haven't had that for the past couple of days. I have until October 13th to finish the design. I'm also doing some test knitting for Chrissy Gardiner of Gardiner Yarn Works (aka Knittin' Mom). I'm really excited about these two projects but I can't show them to you...yet. She sent me some really cool Jaeger Aqua yarn (100% mercerized cotton--olive color) to do one of the projects. I'm still waiting on the yarn for the next one. These are due by October 31st. I guess it is good that I really want to make the pinwheel sweater because I know I can't possible start it until I finish the projects due in October. So, no matter how much I'm hating doing 12 1/2 inches of stockinette stitch in the round (over 250 stitches per round) I know I've got to do it so I can reward myself with the pinwheel.

In other news, yesterday went pretty well. The kids were relatively good. I needed that. For reasons I'm not going to blog about, I pretty much had the suckiest weekend I've ever had. I'm doing better now and really the only thing I can attribute it to is many heartfelt prayers. I was talking with Carl last night about what we were going through and I joked that it was probably a bad time to give up my Diet Pepsi habit. Even through all that, I did great! I think it is going to stick.

As soon as I can get batteries in the camera, I'll upload and post the pictures we took last night. The kids decided they wanted to sleep in the tent. Sleeping outside wasn't an option. We had some pretty cool storms. We decided that we would set the tent up downstairs. I've never seen them so excited to go to bed! They slept in there together all night and we didn't hear a peep! I'm going to start using that as a reward for good behavior since they liked it so much.


  1. Janet2:11 PM

    What fun! And using it as a reward is a stroke of genius.

  2. Janet2:12 PM

    BTW, that's a gorgeous sweater pattern. I can see why you're eager to make it. Good luck with the projects.

  3. Indoor camping sounds like so much fun.

    Sorry you're having a hard time right now. Maybe you should upgrade to Dr. Pepper.

  4. Hmm, yes, Dr. Pepper, and I think I have a box of pudding pops in my freezer for just such an occasion.

  5. I loved camping inside as a kid too! We would always make forts and spaceships and spend hours creating our own world. Sorry to hear about the crappy weekend and I hope everything is okay. Let me know if you need anything. xoxo

  6. Hi Christy,
    Joan here I will be very happy to do the math part for your knitting. I have garment designer and it will do it all I just need the size, style and row and stitch gauge and will print it and send it to you. Oh yes one more thing Jana of our team is expecting in the spring and we are working on a little project. Just email me. Yours was erased when the computer crashed and i will fill you in on all the details.

  7. i sooo want to knit that sweater too! i love it!
    you sound sooo busy but i hope it slows down some. being stressed isn't good.
    indoor camping huh?