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Wednesday, September 26, 2007


My work day is over. The kids are in bed. Here are today's damages.

1. Five minutes before I put Caleb in bed he broke my glasses.

2. Eva pooped on the floor.

3. Someone dumped out a bag of cereal on the floor and jumped on it. It wasn't me and Carl is in California.

4. Caleb did the dishes. It only took three huge towels to sop up the mess.

5. Eva found a full spray bottle of water ( I use it to fix her hair) and it is now empty. I still don't know the full extent of the damage there.

Believe it or not, it could have been worse. It has been worse. Actually, today was a real success.

1. Eva went to the dentist. It went really well. Caleb goes tomorrow.

2. Caleb had his piano lesson. He continues to amaze us with his talent.

3. Caleb is a little missionary. All his teachers tell me they love hearing him sing the songs from church.

4. Both Caleb and Eva are REALLY, REALLY good at going to bed now. I put them down at 7pm with very little resistance and they both sleep through the night like pros.

5. I now have a couple of hours to myself. What will I do?


  1. I really hate when poop is anywhere but the toilet! my littlest just pooped and then stuck her fingers in it. GROSS i almost puked. i was very upset as she was supposed to be asleep! ARUGH!
    go you alone time!!! i say pick up the sticks and string see what happens!

  2. Looking at the successes does help you deal with the messes. I'm so glad they are sleeping well. (Mine were no champs in that area!)

  3. I'm glad you reflected on the successes of the day too. Some times the damages can be overwhelming. Most of it can be cleaned up -- except the glasses.
    My worst poop story is when my daughter woke up early, pooped her diaper, then took the diaper off (this was in cloth diaper days!) and proceeded to smear it all over the crib! Love you!

  4. Good stuff.

  5. Hey, poop on the floor is good, as long as it's a nice pile. Whitney had an incident with her crib tent that I have yet to post about, but now I have another reason to recommend the crib tent. . .the small holes in the tent serve as a barrier to keep the walls clear of poop.

    I'm glad there were successes, I tend to focus on the bad stuff, especially right after they're finally in bed.

  6. I love eary to bed children! Good for you. It helps you to settle down and do stuff that YOU want to do for a few hours. Then of course you get to choose if you want to go to bed early or late!