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Tuesday, September 11, 2007

To the Point

I've been working really hard on my Project Lincoln design for the contest at The Yarn Shop. More than any other project I've ever done before, this comes down to needle choice. I'm working with Flake Cotton and the pattern has a row where I need to k4tog several times. With the needles I was using this just wasn't possible. I started out using my Boye needlemaster needles (not pictured). I knew starting out that these probably weren't going to pan out. The join at the cord is just too fiddly. With bigger needles this isn't usually a problem but I was using size 3s and the yarn wasn't moving along like I needed it to. So, I took my addi turbos off a different project (Drunken Argyle--on hold until this top is finished). These are at the bottom of the picture. They are way too blunt for this kind of project. I know that there are now addi lace needles that are pointier and made just for this type of thing. The bad news? They are pricey and I didn't want to invest in another set of size 3 circs in addis. Know what I mean? I had heard the Knit Picks needles (top of the picture) are pointy so I thought I would try those. At $4.99, you can't beat the price. I put the top away until the needles arrived. I thought I was being smart by ordering the 16 inch length so I could use them to knit some baby hats when I was done with this project---and I wouldn't have an identical set of circulars. The problem? The length of the needles is just way too little. I couldn't even finish one row of the lace pattern on these needles! Looks like I would have to break down and get some addi lace needles.

I trekked on over to my LYS to pick up some needles (middle needles in the picture). They had exactly what I needed in stock. I shelled out the cash and have been in love ever since! They were so worth the extra money because I am able to work this pattern with NO PROBLEM! They are pointy enough, have perfect joins, long enough needles, and do those k4togs like butter!

I should finish this top in no time! Wendy--you should probably come by for a "fitting" soon. The back is finished and I'm starting the front later today if I can find a peaceful moment.


  1. Wow Christy that is impressive!!!

  2. Janet2:40 PM

    I can't wait to see the finished product.

  3. Janet2:50 PM

    BTW, what is Project Lincoln?

  4. I was totally lost in all the knitting mumbojumbo, but it looks FANTASTIC!!

  5. Wow, it's all a little over my head, but WOW WOW WOW. I'm very impressed!

    I linked to you from Kelly, but I think I've seen your comments around a lot (Mique's, maybe my sister Heathers?)

  6. How funny to see a comment from my sister on your blog. She says I blog surf a lot. Your knitting looks so nice. I still don't know how you do all that.

  7. dancin' queen-you've seen me both places (Mique's and Heather's) but Heather I actually know in person--although I know you've known her in person a lot longer! ha ha

    Janet-Project Lincoln is a design contest put on by my local yarn shop. I'm designing a sweater to be modeled by Wendy. The prize is $100 gift certificate.

    Heather-I want to know how you have all that time to do all your canning! I guess you make pickles and jams and I make sweaters and socks! ;)

  8. I guess I justify letting my kids run around and watch movies and television when I am doing all my canning. I figure it is for food storage so I'm doing what the Lord would like me to do right? Maybe it isn't the best reasoning, but I do think it is a good project to work on. Besides, the way I see it, it tastes much better than the store bought stuff because I worked hard to get it.

    If we ever have any sort of disaster, at least you'll be nice and warm. *wink*