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Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Check, Please

I have a long list of things I need to accomplish in the next few months. This isn't a to-do list of things that I do all the time like laundry, grocery shopping, etc... This list is for projects or other things I've just been needing to do. Today I checked one off the list that has been haunting me for months.

I paid my library fines.


  1. Did you return the books also?

  2. The books have been returned long ago...I've just been neglecting to go back because I had those fines. I bit the bullet today and paid.

  3. Janet7:16 PM

    Library fines -- ugh! But what would we do without the local library?!! Yes, I "support" mine well. Not that I think about it, I'll bet I have fines that need paying.....

  4. That's why I have a different card for everyone, so I can just switch it up and avoid the fines. . .ugh. . .I got another phone call the other day. . .
    "your items are now past due. . ." Maybe I should just forget it and just buy everything, then SWAP it!!!

  5. The book sale starts Oct. 4th, by the way.

  6. You know if you have a card for your kid it is a cheaper fine per item. That is why I check almost everything out with Bekah's card, even when she's not with me!

  7. The lady at the library told me that, too! Maybe it is time for Caleb to get a card.