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Thursday, September 20, 2007

And the Winner Be...

mclynch who said...

Yo-Ho Christy, Ye Buxom wench!
Aarrgg--where would ye be gettin these crazy idears? Me thinks your little buccaneers are gettin to ya! Ho Ho Ho and a bottle of rum!

I'm sure you and your husband will be wanting those pirate patches! Or, maybe you'd like one for your fair grand lassie? Or maybe Belle, the wonder pup, wants to dress up for Halloween?


*winner determined by my daughter scientifically picking one of eight numbered pieces of paper out of my hands


  1. I expect to see those patches at the trunk or treat!!

  2. Janet4:20 PM

    Was she wearing her pirate patch when she picked??? Congrats, Wendy Sue.