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Sunday, September 23, 2007

Tylenol P.M.

I'm really wishing I had some Tylenol PM right about now. I'm tired, but I can't sleep. I need to. I just can't. I was in bed at 10pm ready to snooze. Nothing. Still, nothing. Icky ick ick. I'm going to be hating life tomorrow (or today, as it were). I guess I'll go try again. But, not until I give you all the tally so far from the Ryka giveaway.

People that signed up after reading about it on my blog that have won something (so far):

Melessa (shoes)
Gigi (shoes)
Kerry (shirt)
Audra (shirt)
Ginger (shirt)

Are there more of you? There is still time to sign up.


  1. Waaaaah! I signed up, but haven't won anything.

    I have lots of Tylenol PM. It's great. I wish I could have teleported you some.

  2. The blog has taken a distinct downturn lately, readership is down


  3. Christy, the ingredient in Tylenol PM that makes you sleepy is diphenhydramine (Benadryl). If you don't have any aches or pains, skip the acetaminophen and just take a Benadryl. (Kid's Benadryl can work in a pinch!) :)

    Look at all those Ryka winners. Maybe I'll be next!

  4. I haven't won anything yet. I'm glad someone is. They have cute stuff.

    I hope you got some sleep. At least Gayla is getting some.

  5. I won a shirt. I was so excited when something came in my e'mail from Ryka and then was dissappointed that it was only a shirt. I needed the shoes!!!! It is a nice shirt though.

  6. Anne got some shoes. She is offline and traveling right now, so I'll speak for her.

  7. I signed up and gave them the names of 6 friends. I hope they will still be my friends.

  8. They will be if they win shoes!

    I'm so glad more people are winning.

  9. I too have to go the Tylonol PM route on those sure helps. I signed up for the givaway and will see if I win anything....a pair of shoes would be great since I gave mine to my granddaughter

  10. I won a shirt! Thanks!

  11. I won shoes! Just found out today!!!!

  12. I won some shoes, just found out today. Awesome! Thanks for directing me there.