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Monday, September 24, 2007

On The Docket

Monday: Keep the kids and myself alive. There is no school today. Carl will be working late tonight. He should be back in time to put the kids in bed.

Tuesday: More of the same. No school for Caleb. Carl will be working in Lincoln and Omaha but he should be home at regular time. Sometime before now I need to give him some time to clean out our squirrel-killing pool. Yes, we've killed three squirrels with our lovely swimming pool of muck. Nasty.

Wednesday: School is back in session but Carl is leaving to go to LA. He won't be back until Sunday afternoon. He should show up sometime during church. Eva has a dentist appointment in the morning and Caleb has piano lessons in the afternoon.

Thursday: Caleb has a dentist appointment in the afternoon and we are all going to Holmes Elementary in the evening for an ARC meeting (developmental disability support group). Thank goodness they will feed us and provide child care!

Friday: I am probably going to take Eva to play with Bella and Julie somewhere. This will be fun. Friday night is an activity at the church. We'll see if I'm feeling up to taking them.

Saturday: I'm actually dreading this day the most. We have NOTHING planned. Me trying to keep the kids occupied all day might do me in. I'm thinking that I'll have to use my "credit" with a local babysitter that day so I can have an hour or two to regroup.

Sunday: I'll spend the morning trying to get the kids ready and out of trouble so we can make it to church. Carl should be home for the rest of the evening after church so I'll be able to chill out a bit from a crazy week!


  1. Are you ok? Your week looks overwhelming. I hope your kids go to bed early at least so you'll have a little time to regroup in the evening.

  2. Probably a bad week to give up my Diet Pepsi!

    It will all work out. Typing it out this morning actually made me feel better about it because in my head it was a lot, lot worse!

  3. Janet2:09 PM

    I'm curious about the squirrel-killing pool. How on earth does a dirty pool kill a squirrel? Not that I'm a bleeding heart abut squirrels. The little devils can cause problems.

    Hang in there this week! You can do it.

  4. The squirrels jump in and drown. At least, that is our theory. I don't know how else they would get in there unless our neighbors really, really hate us.