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Thursday, September 27, 2007

More TV Talk

Dancing With the Stars started this week. Helio Castroneves is my favorite, so far. Cameron Mathison wasn't my favorite dancer but I do hope he stays around a while. He is on my favorite soap, after all.

Marie Osmond? Well, I will be super excited if Donny comes to watch her. I love me some Donny Osmond. That line she had where she said, "25 million people watch this show and 22 million of them are Osmonds" really cracked me up.

Who is your favorite? What did you think of Albert Reed? Yummy or goofy? Come on, I know you watch it.


  1. I don't watch it. I know, what am I thinking. Nightimes are too consumed with getting kids to bed and cleaning house, etc.

  2. That's what DVRs are for! And, a clean house is very overrated! wink wink.

  3. "Dancing" rocks! Couldn't believe I missed Monday's show - but saw the other two. Helio is by far the best male! And there is always room for a little Donny Osmond eye candy in my book, too.

  4. I don't have time to watch TV either, but I do watch this show online ( when I am up late with a little one. Helio (sp?) was my favorite too!