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Saturday, September 22, 2007

Smart Habit Saturday

Bedtime is still working out for me. I stayed up a little later one night this week but I was still in bed by 11pm. I can tell that I have more patience (still not a lot) and energy throughout the day. Last week I worked on cooking for my family. It was a huge success! I stuck with my menu plan that I had planned with only a few minor variations (we skipped pizza night and had leftovers instead and we didn't go out last night--more leftovers). I want to continue having better meal plans but this week is going to be a little abnormal since Carl will be out of town most of the week.

This week I'm going to try and limit my diet soda intake so I'll drink more water. Lately I've been drinking 2-3 a day (depending on how stressed I am). I stopped buying soda about a month ago and I am finally down to my last 12 pack. I'm allowing myself one a day until they are gone.


  1. My hubby and I have tried to cut back on the pop (soda) too. But I still like something sweet so we keep juice and frozen juice concentrate around. It makes a great substitute when i am craving something sweet. Just make sure you have the juice you like. For instance I hate apple juice so if that is all we have it isn't really gonna work. :-)

  2. You are doing great on your smart habits!!

    Yay for cutting back on the diet soda! I don't know what kind of diet you drink, but I know that caffeine isn't such a great thing. Water is SO good for our bodies!!

    When I'm craving a sweet drink, I find that the little Crystal Light-like packets for a water bottle does the trick. There are 0-5 calories and provide a nice low-cal drink. Juice has just as many calories as regular soda (I realize you said diet -- this is just an FYI), so if cutting calories is in your plan, be aware of that.

    Good luck! Let us know how it goes!

  3. I tried the zero diet Coke plan within the past year. I started on December 1, 2006 and made it all the way through to March! I didn't notice a lot of difference in how I felt (since I drank Caffeine free) but I wanted to see if it made any difference with weight loss since there are some studies that link soda (even diet) to weight gain. Alas, it in no, zip, nada one loss of pounds. So I figured that I had no other vices (unless you count knitting) and gradually went back to drinking it. Interestingly enough, I started Weight Watchers online on May 7 and have lost 24 lbs WHILE drinking Diet Coke.

    Go figure. But giving it up is certainly a smart habit, Christy!

  4. "it resulted in no, zip....."


  5. Oh my goodness, I drink a lot of diet Dr. Pepper. I won't admit how much! Good luck this week!

  6. I love the crystal light packets! That is definitely going to help me. It is just that if I have a choice between diet Pepsi and Crystal Light, I would always choose Pepsi. I'm hoping by removing the temptation from my house, it will make me make better choices!

    Baby steps.

  7. that is a great goal. i am a huge diet coke addict and probably always will be. i have been able to replace my intake with water. for me, the crystal light packets really help me when i just don't feel like drinking plain 'ol water. good luck!

  8. Getting it out of your house will definitely help. Hopefully you can replace that craving with a healthier one and cheaper! I think I was too cheap to ever get hooked on soda. I love my water!

  9. Good for you! 2 things I am also trying to work on - going to bed earlier and drinking more water/less pop.