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Monday, September 03, 2007

While I Was Out

Hancock Fabrics had a whopper of a Labor Day sale today. Normally, I wouldn't be tempted but I have actually started using my sewing machine now that the State Fair is over. I'm not very good at all yet but I am catching the vision and even went out and bought a couple of sewing books. Today my mission was simple. Scissors.

Behold, the holy grail of scissors. These are Gingher 8" Spring Action Dressmaker's Shears. They were 50% off today.

Mique got her back2school swap from me so I can reveal its contents. I put it all inside a black photo storage box. There is a bottle full of red/black/white punched flowers and ribbons, some awesome post-it index cards, a red journal with a cool fabric belt fastener, a couple of #2 pencils, a lunchbox with atomic fireballs, and a magnetic tin full of butterfly pins. It was so much fun putting it together!


  1. I saw it on her blog. Looks like you pinned her personality perfectly. What a great gift, and what a great idea to put it in a photo box.

  2. Janet7:14 PM

    Some people have the knack. You do; I don't.