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Monday, August 07, 2006


Eight years ago, I married Carl. It's been a good run so far. I think we'll be able to keep this up for eternity.
Twelve years ago, we started dating. I have a bunch of letters from him when we were dating. Granted, we spent 2 1/2 of those 4 years writing letters because of missions. But, I found some letters from his first Christmas home after we just started dating. They are so cute! He tells me, "Happy 2 month anniversary!". We thought we had a pretty good idea that we would end up married--but really, who could have predicted the kind of life we would have.
I'm blessed and everyone that knows Carl realizes the truth in that.


  1. Happy Anniversary!! I remember your wedding day so well. (I only had one child then and was still in possession of most of my brain cells.) Yes, you are blessed, but so is Carl!

  2. Dwain and Andrea play a really "mean" game and try to decide with married couples who got the *better* deal. You got a way better deal. JUST KIDDING! I think you all are a perfect match.

    Congratulations on your anniversary and here's to many more.

  3. happy annv! that's wonderful!

  4. Janet9:37 PM

    Yep! (I love him too!) Happy Anniversary! (And many, many more.....)

  5. You guys are a great match. I hope you had a good anniversary.