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Thursday, August 17, 2006

State Fair

I am feeling great relief now that I dropped off all of my items to the Great State Fair of Nebraska. I finished the socks last night. They are gorgeous. I used the Hederas pattern from Knitty. I didn't forget to enter Snowdrop, either. I have a good feeling about her. I didn't even wear my optimistic deodorant today! I did, however, wear some that smells like violets. I don't know how that is supposed to make me feel, maybe lucky. Here's what happened to me on my way to the fairgrounds.

My car was on empty. Lucky? We'll see. I went to the station down the street because it was a "cheap" $2.83. The tanker was there so I couldn't fill up. Then, I remembered the station at 48th and Randolph. It was $2.89. Oh well. I was about to run out of gas. I pulled in. I started to fill up. I read a little flier on the pump. "Customer Appreciation Day! 5 cents off each gallon! Free hotdogs! Free ice cream! Free drinks!" Are you kidding me? This IS my lucky day! I filled up in every way that I could and drove off feeling might glad that I chose the violet deodorant today.


  1. Gosh, your whole life just screams..."I'M A WINNER!!!---YOU GOT THAT EVERYBODY--I'M A WINNER!!!!!!! LuuuuuuCKy!

  2. I meant to say LuuuucKEEEEEEe. Apparently, you can not edit your comments on

  3. Score! I feel good knowing that I'm not the only one that drives a little bit further for cheaper gas even when I'm on empty.

  4. Janet9:30 PM

    Cute socks! Good luck with the state fair entries. Maybe today's luck will extend a little longer.

  5. hey where can i get some deoderant like that? LOL GOOD LUCK! you're going to do great!

  6. Good luck with the state fair! Although, you don't need it..miss lucky pants.

    Gas here is 2.69