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Monday, August 28, 2006

Roller Derby

My sister Lisa is going to join the roller derby. I think that this is really awesome. Especially since I live in the roller skating capital of the world. Last time we spoke on the phone we were trying to come up with some good names for her. I told her I'd throw it out to my blog friends and see what we could come up with.

Want to hear my choice? Hot Roller. She's a hairdresser. Get it? Ha ha. I'm sure you guys can come up with something fierce.

Have at it. If she chooses your name, I'll send you some chocolate or something equally awesome.


  1. Anonymous1:32 AM

    there are sooo many things that go into a roller derby name. and they are so hard to come up with. 1st things first though. you HAVE to see the master list. you CAN NOT take a name already taken or sounds like another just spelt differently. you can get permission from the other girl to use a simaler name, but chances are they will say NO. thats our id. you can't take that and make it yours. heres the link to the master list. tell your sister good luck. (wheres she @ and whos she joining?)

  2. Thanks for the link! That should help us out a lot. She's joining a group in Oklahoma. The link to their group is in my post.

  3. Hey, Hot Roller isn't on the list! I don't think I can come up with one better than that, except maybe Hot Roller Mama!

    Did you see the one that was Angelina Rolie? I love it.

  4. How about Hair Harlot or Perm Princess? OR Hot Roller Hair Harlot? I might have to think about this some more. It is kinda fun.

  5. Oh, Hot Hair Roller Mama. Or Mama Hot Rollers. Hot Rollers Revenge or Hot Roller Renegade.

    I'll keep thinking...This is Fun!

  6. You girls are good! I'll make sure my sister gets all of the "entries".

  7. How about Paris Hitalot? Or Jessica STAMPson? Or Lindsay Backhand? Kathy-Lee Gripper? Daunting Daring Derby Damsel? I am just getting carried away and being silly.

  8. Christina Ach-ur-leg-a

    Courtney Love to Hate you

    Dee Dee Roller-bop (get it Doodlebop)

    Marge Slap-son or Lisa Slap-son