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Friday, August 11, 2006

Day One

We woke up somewhat early trying to get packed up and ready to go by 10am. That worked. We were in the car at 10am and Carl said a prayer. I had a few errands to run on the way out of town so our first stop was to the post office. As soon as we pulled out of the post office, the power steering went out, the AC stopped working, and the van started heating up like Hades. The post office is 2 blocks from the house and we have a service station with a mechanic a few blocks away as well. That's where we went. In the meantime, I'm mad at Carl because I'm sure he did this to the car since he just changed the oil that morning. He must have messed up something. It's got to be more than coincidence that every time he touches any machine of mine (car, computer) it breaks. Sure, he's got a PhD in Mechanical Engineering but he's no expert at cars.

When we got to the service station I realized that it wasn't his oil change that did it. It was his prayer. If this would have happened any other place than where it did, we would have been stranded somewhere for a long time. Instead, Carl was able to walk home and drive his car back. We packed up the Honda and headed out anyway. Our van is at the service station for the weekend and hopefully it's not too messed up. Carl said it was the tensioner for the serpentine belt. On the drive to Oklahoma we started talking about trading in the van when we get home.

Once we got out of town (11am--not bad) we drove to Concordia, KS to make it with only five minutes to spare for the Pizza Hut buffet. This is the best place for us to feed the kids. They are free and I had a coupon for a buy one get one free buffet. We fed all four of us for under $10. Sweet. They tried to charge me for Caleb. Sure, he looks five and eats like a ten year old...but he's still only 3! ha ha

The trip was smooth sailing from there. We made it to my mom's house at 7pm. They had lasagna waiting for us and my sister brought her dvd of The Pirate Movie. Very few people understand why I love that movie. Actually, I don't even understand why I love that movie. Could be something about my adolescent crush on Christopher Atkins. He was one of the few people that I had a poster for in my room. Aaah. Young love. Plus, you can't beat a good pirate comedy with great songs and choreography.

The kids are enamored with the dog. My mom has a little weiner dog named Peter. They chase that dog around and giggle. There is also this toy here that is a thing that uses air to pop up little balls. They LOVE that toy.

Potty update: Caleb made it the whole trip without having an accident. We'll see how he does on our mini road trip today.

I have taken ZERO pictures so far. We're going down to my dad's today for a quick day trip. Sorry, I won't be stopping Melessa! I'll wave as we pass your house.

1 comment:

  1. That is a good thing the van didn't break down on you on the road. That happened to us once driving out to Utah when I was in High School and we were stuck in this tiny little town for 3 days. It was a good thing the town fair was going on or we would have been bored out of our minds.

    I just e-mailed you and I forgot to tell you to tell Carl that his favorite baby bed didn't make the trip. It broke in about 5 or 6 different places.

    Have a fun trip! We miss you guys!