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Thursday, August 24, 2006


I went to the dr. yesterday. I have problems. I also have problems that a dr. could help me with. Ha ha. Namely, my bum hand. She didn't send me to a physical therapist. Instead, I am to wrap my right thumb next to my pointer finger and keep it like that for a month. I need to ice it and take Aleve. After that, I have some exercises to do and if all this doesn't work, I need to get steroid shots. All I want to do is be able to pick up Eva without wincing in pain!

Do you realize how hard it is to do day to day tasks with no thumb? Try starting your car. Pulling up your pants. Trying to fasten a button. Drinking a pepsi! Writing. I'm actually quite adept at typing without a thumb. My other one picks up the slack. Changing diapers. Using a remote. Opening bottles. Knitting! Oh my. The horror. But, you know what? I tried it this morning and I can do it pretty well. I'm not as fast but I can do it.

My PCOS has also been cramping my style lately. Mood swings (what's new), more weight gain (lovely), and messed up periods (not pregnant!) just to name a few of my symptoms. I am now taking progesterone pills to start my cycle (I skipped a month) so I don't get uterine cancer (or something like that). Is this all too much information? Anyway, I'm looking like a million bucks right now. I had blood drawn out of my left arm so I have a big band aid on it and I've got my right hand all bandaged up. Woohoo.


  1. The Pat Benetar concert with a corn dog and funnel cake at the state fair is sounding better and better huh??

  2. Janet7:48 PM

    When is the judging at the state fair? (I'm keeping my fingers crossed for you--no thumbs involved!)

    Sorry your thumb is out of service. I know how frustrating it can be. I only had to wear a wrist brace and I was muttering every time I had to dress or use the bathroom. And I'm left-handed (some of the time) and have kids who help rather than need help. So I'm sure you are in a pretty pickle. It seems so typical that you would find a way to keep knitting!! Good luck. Wish I could help. At least I can offer sympathy.

  3. Janet8:06 PM

    I have another burning question: how on earth do you use a mouse without a right thumb???!!

  4. Mine clicks on the top so I don't use my thumb except to manuever it. I just move it around with my whole hand now.

    The fair opens tomorrow so I should be able to check the results then. I can't wait!

  5. That really sucks for you. I'm glad you FINALLY went to the doctor. Maybe you should try one of those hats that hold the cans of Pepsi and you can just use a straw when you need a sippie.

    I'll work on the other stuff for you.

  6. I totally need one of those hats! I could knit and drink pepsi at the same time!

  7. Do you have a U.S Toy out there, they totally sell those hats. Sorry to hear about your thumb, is this the same injury that you had in Breckenridge?

  8. Yep, same injury. I just let it fester for a couple of months before I did anything about it. I'm a genius like that.