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Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Flip Flop Swap

I participated in a really neat swap this last month. We were supposed to swap flip flops and other summer related goodies. My swap mate was the actual organizer of this event, Karen. We filled out a questionnaire on what types of things we liked/wanted. Karen did not disappoint! I said it would be cool to get some red flip flops. What do you think? They go great with my newest pedicure and my red bell peppers!

I got not only one, but TWO pair! The one has a really cool plaid pattern. Groovy.

I didn't have any good summer beach reads but I thought maybe a book of sudoku would be nice. What's this? Even better! Electronic sudoku. One more thing to get totally addicted to! Carl is going to be so happy! ;)

Thanks, Karen!


  1. I'm so glad you liked your package :) It was great swapping with you!

  2. Score! I still need a pedicure, but doubt I'll manage that when I still haven't even made it to the grocery store.

  3. I didn't tell Carl I was going to go get one. I just did. I lumped it in with dropping off my stuff to the county fair. I've been staring at my toes ever since and I didn't even get flowers this time!

  4. Janet1:29 PM

    Nice looking toes. Tasty looking red peppers. (I love red peppers.) Good job.

  5. What a great package! The electronic sudoko looks like a lot of fun - I enjoy doing it on paper.